Changing Your Default Editor
you can change your default editor to pico by changing the EDITOR enviroment variable...
for csh or tcsh type at the prompt (%):
% setenv EDITOR /usr/local/bin/pico
for bash (the superior shell, see your sysadmin today!) type at the prompt ($):
$ export EDITOR=/usr/local/bin/pico
(you can add those lines to your .cshrc or .bash_profile if you want pico to ALWAYS be your default editor. (bomb will soon ask editor preferences AND handle bash users.))
    then, when you want to actually edit your posts w/ pico type as the first thing on a line by itself
this will put you in your system editor (whcih you just set to pico) after yer done editting yer post it will ask you if you want to save it in some weird-ass file name. it's a temporary file, just go with it.
MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR EDITOR BEFORE YOU HIT ~e, or you'll end up in ex!
you can set your editor to be ANY editor (such as vi, emacs, pico, jed, ex, whatever) as long as you give the full path. to find the full path of yer editor, just type at the prompt (%):
% which <editor>
and it'll give it to you. (this works w/ any program, btw)
    (forum autoedit mode just sticks you in vi)
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