Forum Nettiquite
Nettiquite is important and applies to all yer electronic communication, including forum.
So what? Well, as hhg, I reserve the right to make occasional judgement calls about what might violate nettiquite. Users shouldn't slander each other and should avoid slurs in general. This is vague, since most of what is likely to be a no-no on forum falls into a i'll-know-it-when-i-see-it category.
    So what happens when somebody crosses the line? It depends. In mild cases, those involved will simply be asked to take it to email. If something is way out of line, the post will be killed and a warning posted. I don't forsee any problems that can't be dealt with simply and civilly. That said, it is possible to ban offending induhviduals from forum. I don't want to do that, so you have to really bad before that will happen. Don't lose any sleep over the possibility.
    What if somebody is really bugging me? Try talking it over with them over email. If that doesn't work, you can try ignoring them. To ignore someone, you will need to edit your .forumrc file. The very first line should say:
To ignore users, add their login names to that line. There is no command within forum to ignore users. If you want to see which users you have ignored, you can either look at that file or type 'i' within forum. To un-ignore a user, you can type 'u' within forum and then the login name of the user who you would like to start getting along with.
    just be nice to each other and everything will be groovy....