Cast of Characters

An incomplete list of people that I mention in my blog.

Ackly, Brian - California - He played baritone or trombone - I forget which- in high school band with me. He is/was good friends with Mitch and is the ex-boyfriend of Jenny and father of Owen. His sister, Catherine, just came out as a lesbian.

Adamo, Marek - California - He played trumpet in Cal Band with all the folks there. He was later Christi's and tiffany's co-worker at Nolo.

Amirkhanian, Charles - California - The director of Other Minds, a new music organization in San Francisco, which I sit on the board of. He's the former music director of KPFA. He wrote me a nice reccomendation letter from grad school.

Chand - California - Says very funny things and plays electronic drums in the rock improv band that I played in before moving East.

Cook, Amy - California - Amy went to Mills when I did. She was geeky, but not in the "in group" of geeks. She was my housemate through two houses in Oakland. She now lives with Mario and two dogs. She is also an excellent percussionist.

Crane, Mitch - California - He played trombone in high school band with me. He is Jenny's ex-boyfriend. He went to Cal and didn't play in Cal band and was room mates with Vince. He's a programmer and a composer. Mitch is my bestest friend from highschool. He plays guitar in my rock improv band that has no name and has played in nearly every rock band I've been in.

Crean, Tom - Connecticut - Tom is grad composition student at Wesleyan. He's the only person I know who is actually from Connecticut. He's in to bling-bling and warm-up suits. His music is surprisingly brilliant.

Denton, Christi - California / France - The ex. I went to college with Christi. We were both music majors. We started dating as freshwomen and had a nine year run ending in January 2004

Dotie, Sarah - California - She was best friends in high school with Jenny. She, Jenny and owen are currently housemates. she is a good pinko commie.

Dunaway, Judy - New York - The world's most accomplished player of the balloon. She's also a Wesleyan alum and helped me get into school there. She's currently working on a PhD at New York Stonybrook.

Ed - California - Ed is a good friend of Tiffany and Luoi. He plays cello and plays guitar in the rock improv band that I played in before moving East.

Feldman, Jessica (aka Jess) - Connecticut - A masters student in composition at Wesleyan. She's the only other woman in the program.

Fullman, Ellen - California - I met Ellen while driving a van for the Other Minds festival in 2002. She is the inventor of the Long String Instrument and knows about tuning. A scary amount of tuning knowledge. She's also a talented graphic artist, who you should contact, should you need graphic arts. She is living in my Berkeley residence (my vacayion home), while I'm away at school.

Gray, Tiffany - California / France - Best friend from college and former housemate. she's moving to france in April 2004.

Harrison, James - California - James came out to California in 2002 to volunteer for the Other Minds festival. He decided to stay, and so lived in our basement for a couple of weeks. He is the ideal housemate. He's quiet and can sleep through anything. He's also an excellent percussionist.

Jorgensen, Vince - California - He played trumpet in high school band with me. He was also in Cal band and room mates with Mitch. He is married to Tammy.

Justice, Deborah - Connecticut - A masters student in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan. She's very sporty and plays the hammer dulcimer.

Kuivila, Ron - Connecticut - My advisor at Wesleyan, who I also TA for. He's an electronic music guy and also does installations.

Lucier, Alvin - Connecticut - the Alvin Lucier. He's one of the compotion faculty at Wesleyan and teaches a seminar for composers.

Luoi - California - Luoi is Tiffany's ex-girlfriend who I don't see as much of as I used to.

Mackey, Ian - California/Scotland - My former neighbor. He was the sanest person in the nieghborhood association. He's studying the classica in Scotland. Jennifer Mackey's son.

Mackey, Jennifer - California - My former neighbor. She's either living in Humboldt county or Scotland. She is also Ian's mom.

Narveson, Jascha - Connecticut - Masters student in composition at Wesleyan. He's my co-TA for Ron and is from Canada.

Opell, Angela - Connecticut - Masters student in ehtnomusicology at Wesleyan. She's from Kentucky and has taken Xena there during school breaks.

P, Jenya - California - A friend and coworker from Isadra, the only startup I worked at the wasn't doomed. She's from Russia, so she's not a commie, but is a pinko. She's an excellent artist.

Qualls, Tammy - California - Tammy is from Southern California. She went to Cal and met Vince there, who she married. she went on to get other advanced degrees from prestigious institutions. She's a good pinko commie.

Rabinowitz, Joan - Washington (Seattle) - Joan is the director of Jack Straw. I met her at a Career Development confrence in 2002. They had sign up forms for composers to find mentors and I signed her sheet.

Roberts, Tennis - California - Chand's stage name and the name of the improv rock band that I played in. Webpage

Siegel, Aaron - Connecticut - A masters student in composition at Wesleyan. He's my housemate and is very chill, especially for a grad student.

Sirius, Jean - California - A Mills alum and a very very good friend. she auditted a math class I took as a freshwoman, even though she had already graudated. She was a geek and is an artist.

Stout, Cat - California - Jen Stout's sister and housemate.

Stout, Jen - California - she played a woodwind in Cal band with all the Cal band folks. She lives with her sister Cat.

Straw, Jack - Washington (Seattle) - No, I'm not friends with highly placed Brits. This is not a person I know, but rather a non-profit with a human-sounding name. Joan is the director of Jack Straw Productions, a not for profit recording studio, tape archive and meeting place in Seattle.

Treichler, Jenny - California / Michigan - She played clarinet or something in high school in palo alto, and is a long -time friend of Mitch's family. She and Mitch dated for a few years. Then she briefly dated Brian Ackly, but it was long enough for her to become the mom of Owen.

Treichler, Owen - California / Michigan - The cutest, smartest baby ever. Sprung from the loins of Jenny and Brian Ackly.

Xena - California / Connecticut - the cutest dog on earth, who happens to be mine. She has many friends and admirers.