February 2006

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1 February 2006
The menu at Buffalo Bill's Restaurant at Place de Republique.
"Grillades" means "grilled". Note the "entrecote cow boy" and the "barbecue ribs"
Polly asked me about BBQ in France. Now you know.
1 February 2006
My dad atop the Eifel Tower, taking some pictures.
1 February 2006
On the Eifel Tower, there were still Noël decorations everywhere and there was a small ice rink!!
I did not go ice skating on the Eifel Tower. It was cold and windy and getting dark.
1 February 2006
My dad in front of the Eifel tower at sunset while the tower was doing it's hourly light show.
4 February 2006
«Vélorution!» Bicycle revolution. The first saturday of every month at Place Du Châtelet at 2:00 pm.
Mark your calendars.
4 February 2006
Santa sed, a Chilienne restaurant in the 10th arrondissement.
32, r. des Vinaigriers
T 01 40 37 72 19
m° Jacques Bonsergent
Friendly wait-staff (bilingual french and spanish) and good food at good prices. They had actual, wonderful, real salsa!!
5 February 2006
The pantheon
5 January 2006
My dad photographing the Pantheon
5 January 3006
Crêpes à Gogo
There's a restaurant in Berkeley with the same name. When I stopped to take a picture of this place, the host came out and waved. He encouraged us to compare the two restaurants with the same name.
However, none of us ordered a crêpe. Nicole got a gallette, but it's not the same. So this place in France wins on variety. Berkeley wins on prices.
7 February 2006
My dad at Versailles.
Mon père à Versailles
7 February 2006
Le jardin de Versailles
The garden at Versailles.
7 February 2006
Protesters by Place de Republique
Un manifestation contre le CPE à pres de Place de Republique
8 February 2006
Diana: tu etais vraiment une princesse
Diana: you were really a princess
The spot over where Princess Di died is covered with graffiti in her honor.
8 February 2006
A scale model of the torch on the statue of liberty happens to be located above the spot where Lady Di died
8 February 2006
A statue at Palais de Tokyo for the French war dead.
8 February 2006
So I went to NYC . . . just kidding. The statue of Liberty was, of course,a gift from France. They have a short one in the 16th arrondissement.
8 February 2006
Edward P Hutchins: Patriot
My dad by the little Parisian statue of liberty
8 February 2006
Je suis fier d'habiter à Paris, parce que au moins je sais que je suis libre!
18 February 2006
This is some sort of pastry that came home from the bakery. The top is dusted with sugar. The three crusts are like croissant, but harder: flaky, buttery pastry. The middle is cream whipped with sugar until it pretty much turned to butter.
A heart attack on a plate.
I'm going to miss Paris when I have to leave.
25 February 2006
I went renaissance dancing. Some people wore costumes, but I did not.
25 February 2006
I went because of the live music. The sitting musician is Solène.
25 February 2006
Zombie Andre the Giant has a posse.
25 February 2005
It's a huge can of beans and duck. In Paris, if you're hungry, you can go to a little neighborhood connivence store and get some canned duck.


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