These are the scripts I use to publish my photo library. I run them on Mac OS X with the dveloper kit installed. The require Bash and Perl. You run them from the terminal application.

The process

  1. I have a publish directory where I keep all my scripts.
  2. In my publish directory, I have a file called "old_atom.xml", which I created containing one line of text: "</feed>"
  3. I signed up for documentroot. I've used them before, so I didn't try haloscan.
  4. You will want to modify so the link "" has your documentroot id number and not mine (5692)
  5. You will want to modify the scp commands in do-pub and in pub-no-feed to point to your server and not mine
  6. I have a sub-directory of my publish directory called "pics" where I have created my index.html, by hand using HTML-editting software
  7. I create smart albums organized by date in iPhoto
  8. I export the album as web pages from iPhoto, saving it to a subdirectory of pics.
  9. I find the number of the first new photo by finding the photo in the album that I just published and clicking on edit mode for that photo. The number is on the lower left, below the image. "#x of y photos". You want the x.
  10. I run do-pub, from the publish directory with three arguments. The first argument is the same of the subdirectory of pics where I exported the photos. The second is the number I found in the previous step. The third optional argument is the string to use for the update announcement feed. Unfortunately, spaces have to be escaped.
  11. Periodically, I delete old entries from old_atom.xml. The scripts don't do this automatically thus far.
  12. If, for some reason, I want to publish photos without updating my feed, instead of do-pub, I run pub-no-feed with the same arguments

The Scripts and data files

Other Information

These scripts are provided as-is with no warranty, etc. Insert boilerplate disclaimers here. Feel free to copy them or distribute them under the GPL or copyleft of your choice. Attribution is nice but not ncessary.

I'm posting these because I like XML and Vince seemed interested. They're kind of a mess.