Moo for Newbies

Welcome to ChickenMoo. To access it, telnet to port 3333. From the unix prompt (%), type:

% telnet 3333

You can also execute that command from the terminal application in Mac OSX. The terminal application is in the Utilities folder, in the Applications folder.

If you want a nicer application to connect with, you may want to consider using TinyFugue (Mac Version), or there is a Directory of clients at Google.

Now that you have reached the moo, type:

    con [your login] [your password]
to log in. If this is your first time, use the account name and password given to you by Celeste or Sophie. If it is not, then use whatever you set your name and password to last time you logged in.

Now that you've logged in, you ought to be in the first room:

The First Room
Welcome to the First Room.

This room, the very heart--and, indeed, the thorax as well-- of ChickenMOO,
 is, unsurprisingly enough, carpeted wall to wall with multicolored shag,
 brown and red and gold. An enormous overstuffed black sofa (is that leather?)
 sits against one wood-panelled wall, large enough to sit five people (wait!
 this is Mills! Make that eight people!). Four or five maroon beanbags lie
 scattered around on the floor as well. A coffeetable lies in the center,
 heaped with all sorts of junk-- tarot cards, old cups of coffee, someone's
 half-eaten peanut-butter sandwhich, a photography book, some pieces of string,
 several old newspapers, various computer parts, etc, etc.

A table next to the couch holds a lava lamp, red fluid in gold oil, flowing
 up, flowing down. Hanging on the walls are portraits of various members
 (past and present) of forum, most in embarrassing situations. Various
 doors lead out to other parts of the MOO.
You see room full of monkeys, Chicken, immoral_spy, and Crack Pipe here.
Tifanjo is here.
Obvious exits:
Trap Door   Green door   Transporter Pad   Tie-dye Door   Blue Door
 Fireman's Pole   Energy Field
Here you see a description of the room. Then comes a list of objects in the room (room full of monkeys, Chicken, immoral_spy and Crack Pipe). Then a list of players (Tifanjo). And then a list of exits (Trap Door, Green Door, Transporter Pad, Tie-dye Door, Blue Door, Fireman's Pole, and Energy Field).

You can see the description of the room you're in and the lists of players, objects and exits any time, by typing "look" (without the quotes). You can also look at objects and players.

    look crack pipe

    You see a note on it. It says 'Smoke Me.'

You can also just type "l" (without the quotes) instead of the whole word look.

Now let's say you want to talk to the people in the room with you. To do this, type "say" (wihout the quotes) followed by the prase you would like to utter.

    say hello

    You say, "hello"

Instead of typing out the whole word say, you can also just type qoutation marks, ".
    "how are you?

    You say, "how are you?"

Moos also allow you to pose. This means you can describe what your char is doing. To pose, start the line with a colon and then type what you are doing.
    :shakes hands

    NerfSlosh shakes hands

If you don't want there to be a space between your name and your pose, use two colons
    ::'s dog bites scrawl

    NerfSlosh's dog bites scrawl

There may be people logged in who are not in the same room as you. To say something so that everyone on the moo sees it, use the public channel. Start your line with the word "pub" (no quotes)
    pub greeting earthlings, take me to your leader

    [Public] NerfSlosh: greeting earthlings, take me to your leader

To pose on public, type pub and then :[your pose]
    pub :points a ray gun at the moo

    [Public] NerfSlosh points a ray gun at the moo

You may be wondering if there are other players on outside the room you're in. To find out, type @who

Player name          Connected    Idle time    Location
-----------          ---------    ---------    --------
NerfSlosh (#131)     5 hours      0 seconds    First: The First Room
Tifanjo (#96)        6 hours      17 minutes   First: The First Room

Total: 2 players, 1 of whom has been active recently.
Let's say that there are some people in a different room than you and you'd like to join them. To do this, type @join [player name]. It will move you to the room they are in and give you a description of the room and the things in, just like you saw when entering the First Room.
    @join scrawl

    You join Scrawl.
    [description of room that Scrawl is in]

You can also change rooms in the moo by using exits. To go through an exit, just enter the name of it.
    ivy path

    [description of room on the other side of the ivy path]

You can wander all over the moo this way. Have fun!