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I administrate a very small moo. Actually, it's a very large moo, but it has very few active players right now. For those just passing thru: A MOO is like a MUD, but object oriented. Or, without as much jargon, a MOO is a text-based virtual reality program. This moo in particular contains a text-based simulation of the San Francisco East Bay Area with a special focus on the Mills College campus.

All the players were Mills students when the moo started and for some reason, we thought it was fun to sit in the school computer labs and log into a program where we could pretend to be sitting around talking in the school computer labs. Needless to say, we were nerds.

Now that almost all of us have graduated and gotten jobs, we like to log in and pretend to be at school sitting around in the computer labs. Or our places of employment. Or pretend to ride the bus from home to work and back. It sounds strange, and it is strange. but the moo bus can get you back and forth in under three minutes, so it does have some attraction.

the links below take you to documentation about the moo and useful information for players. there's also a link to computer documents I wrote while still at achool (when I wasn't pretending to be at school) and a 1996-era commentary on the Netscape/Microsoft browser war. Or you can click on Lenin and flee to a less geeky subject.

Newbie Moo for when you first log in

Tweaking your charecter changing your desc, password and gender

Objects and Verbs what are they? how to find and use them

Moo for players: What you need to know about some topics

Wiz cheat sheet Make a player, change a password, find docs

Using Bots: making eliza on the Moo.

Moo Song musical mooing, using SuperCollider

Stuff I wrote while a Mills student

What I thought about browsers back in the day