I am trying to compile jmax. I really like max. I really like GNU software. I want to run something like max under osx. It seemed like the thing to do.
IRCAM is not exactly devoting lots of resources towards the OSX version. Why should they? Anyone can run max on OS9, if they have OS9 and max, which is not GNU. Anyway, maybe there are liscencing issues, who knows. The thing is that the makefile for OSX is broken. Important things are missing. Somehow, I hosed installing two library files. I can’t just re-make them because some sort of VERSION is missing. I have re-downloaded the source to recompile the missing libraries so I can manually install the missing files.
Additionally, jmax is convinced that it is running on a linux box, so it insists on looking for all the libraries under directories called i686-linux, instead of ppc-macosx. It’s easy to create dynamic links, but you’d hope someone would notice this and fix it. Why not me? Because I’m a lousy release engineer.
Yesturday an error with the install command in one of the makefiles changed the permission of /usr/bin to 744 instead of 755. The funny thing is that none of the apple gui applications even flinched. Do gui applications (by gui, I mean aqua) even use regular unix libraries? (Yes, I know the libraries reside in /usr/lib, not /usr/bin.) I feel like my computer is some sort of Siamese twin.
I want to upgrade to the latest OS version, but more than $100 for an addition of 0.1 versions seems a bit steep. Why does Steve Jobs need to act like Steve Jobs? His personality is infecting Apple like it infected NeXTSTEP. People say that NeXTSTEP died because of insane pricing. They also had complete disregard for their customers. Well, Apple is now dabbling in insane pricing . . .. It’s time for a non-interm CEO.
I’m such a nerd. noone with self-respect should have opinions on the CEOs of companies manufacturing luxury goods . . .

gear review – caffeinated soap

it! works! great!!!!
no, seriously. The soap comes in groups of three bars. It is see-though
and smells minty when moistened. It advertises 250 mg per “serving” with
ten “servings” per bar. The bar is good for way more than ten showers,
unless you wash very vigorously and stay in for a dern long time.
My wifey is a hardcore caffeine addict and notices nothing from the soap.
I hardly ever drink coffee or even green tea, so I do feel a bit awakened
after using it. I would avoid using this soap on extremely sensitive
skin. (that’s not a euphamism. I just mean that if you are already
having an allergic reaction to laundry soap or something, don’t go rubbing
more weird stuff on it.)
My motivation for use is not to wake myself up, but rather because a
single study seems to show that caffeine may help stop skin cancer. My
grandmother lost her nose to skin cancer…
skin cancer link:

(this also mentions brain cancer. my mom drank decaf. next time your
doctor tells you to switch to decaf, you can bring this up.)
soap link:
Sorry no pictures of this product in use. If you want to see me rubbing
soap on my nose, one could be taken.