I just read Christi’s blog and I’m never going skiing with her again. Not that I ever want to subject myself to anything so unpleasant, but my goodness, she lacks adequate self-preservation instincts. “Oooh! a sheer drop over had rock outcroppings with corpses littered everywhere! I think I’ll ski it!” She doesn’t realize that she’s not a Kennedy and has no buisiness killing herself on a ski slope. ou should be rich to die that way.
We just watched the Rudolph Valentino movie the Shiek. It contains elements some would describe as problematic. We’re watching silent films cuz Christi has this idea about doing new music sound tracks for them and then having a little film festival. It’s a good idea. Anyway, whoever did the score for the VHS tape of this movie certainly left a lot of room for improvement. One guy with a DX7 and very few musical skills writting whatever pops into his little head. Maybe it wasn’t like that, but the music was not compelling. It had little to do with the action or the settings or any historical connection to the sort of music that would have been played when the film was shown or even music you would want to listen to now. Bleah. So on the one hand, I think “I could do better than that!” and feel inspired to work on the shiek. On the other hand, I think I better leave this one for somebody of middle eastern descent or I’m just asking for trouble. The movie reflects the ignorances and predjudices of the times it was made, of course. A movie like wouldn’t be made now. Too many of the arabs were sympatheic charecters. The army would get sent in. camels would be killed. We’d make a more problematic movie now. Yes, we are less enlightened than we were in the 20s. History is not progress. Everything is going to hell in a handbasket.
who the heck came up with the idea of hellward-bound transportation via handbaskets? From where does this phrase originate? It is so weird.
christi says that I’ve digressed so much that I have to go to bed now. But I’ve slept all day. I woke up at 7:00 this evening. I squandered my day off. I didn’t even work on music, unless you count watching a silent film, I think I have ruled it out, because the movie is racist and sexist and besides that, I didn’t like it very much. But I think maybe it could at least be entertaining with a better soundtrack. I have no idea where we plan to find silent movies without problematic aspects. we rented another tape called Early Soviet Film that might be better and anyway, might not be copyrighted. All of this silent movie watching tho is interesting because all of them have sound. The Valentino film had all original sound composed by a modern composer. this means that if one really enjoys writing music for silent movies, one could actually do it for movie releases. Of course, I understand the budjet is exceptionally small that gets allocated for the sound. goodness, tho, i don’t get paid for sounds now. this is probably somrthing to worry about after we get some experience. But we’re barking up the wrong tree by only working on movies already out on DVD. Or not. It’s too late at night.