Charecter Personalization

To get help on any moo thing, just type "help [moo thing]" and it should give you some useful information.

As soon as you log in the first time, you should change your password, and then periodically, you should change it again. don't give your password to other people or they could log in and pretend to be you and say silly things that make you look bad. To change youe password type:

    @password <old password> <new password>
The old password is, of course, you current password. the new password is the one you will use from then on, including the next time you log in. Do not forget your password! If you do forget your password, a wizzard can give you a new one (which you must then change).

Names and Aliases
The name of your player is what other people see listed when you speak, act, or when they see a list of players in the room. However, you can set additional names, or aliases that players may refer to you by in addition to your name. Lets' say your name is Rapunzel McFreid and your player is currently named Mcfreid. You want to change your player name to your nickname ralphie, but also let people call you ralph and your real name. You would use the @rename command.

    @rename me to Ralphie, ralph, Rapunzel, McFreid
The first item in the list is your name, the additional ones are your aliases. Now if people want to look at you, they can type "look ralphie", "look ralph" or any other alias in the list. All of your old aliases are discarded, so if you used to have an alias of mcfreek, "look mcfreek" would return an error.
You do not need to specify aliases when you change you name (although including your old name as an alias is a nice thing to do), and you need not change your name to add aliases. If you want to add mcfreek as an alias, use the @add-alias command.
    @add-alias mcfreek to me
You must remember your new name. The next time you log in, it will expect your current (new) name and not your old one. If you change your name to something obscure and then forget it, you will have to enlist the help of a wiz or another player to discover who you were so you can log in again. Memorize your name or at least write it down.

Changing your Gender
Changing your gender on the moo is painless and easy and generally recoomented as you start out as neuter. You may well elect to stay neuter, or you can be male or female.

    The list of avilable genders:
    female she her hers
    male he him his
    neuter it it its
    Spivak e em eir
    either s/he him/her his/her
    splat *e h* h*
    plural they them their
    egotistical I me my
    royal we us our
    2nd you you your

To get a list of the possible genders, plus see your current list of pronouns, type:
To set your gender, type:
    @gender <gender from the list>

Editting your description
You can change what other players see when they look at you. There are two ways to do this. One just lets you type it in one long shot that gets broken up into multiple lines by the client the other player uses, the other saves your line breaks for you.
The easy version:

    @describe me as "<description>"
The other version forces you to use the line editor in the moo. Type:
    @notedit me.description
If you have never had a description before, type "enter" and then enter in your description, hitting return wherever you want a line to end and then putting "." (without the quotes) on a line by itself when you are done. If are replacing an existing description, type "lis" to see how many lines you have. Type "del 1 - < highest line number displayed >" Then type "list" again to see if there are more lines left. Keep doing this until it says the body is empty. then type "enter" and proceed as you would if you had never had a description before. After you finish entering in your text, you want to save it. Type "save". Then you want to leave @notedit. Type "quit" (without the quotes!). Do not type "@quit" or you will exit the whole moo.
After you have a shiny new description, be sure to look at yourself. "look me". Apparently in real moos, descs are generally two paragraphs long where the first paragraph talks about the charecter and the second paragraph describes her appearance.