Moo Topics

To get help on any moo thing, just type "help [moo thing]" and it should give you some useful information.

There are two busses on the moo, one is Residential Circut #5 and the other is the Commuter Shuttle. To get on the bus, type "enter bus" for the residential bus and "enter shuttle" for the shuttle. To get off either bus, type "exit here" at your stop.
When the bus arrives at a stop, It says, "Now arriving at: [name of stop]." When it says this, it is stopped and you can get off. When it starts moving again, it says, "Next Stop: [name of the next stop]."
The Residential Circut stops at: Wetmore Gate (Mills College), Morse Street (Oakland), Grand Avenue (Oakland), Berkeley-- 5th Street, Richards Gate (Mills College), and MacArthur Blvd-- North (Oakland Laurel District)
The Commuter Shuttle stops at: Embarcadero Rd (Palo Alto/Mountain View border), Redwood Shores Parkway (Redwood Shores), and Richards Gate (Mills College)

To use a channel, type the alias, followed by what you want to say.

    pub hello

    [Public] NerfSlosh: hello

To pose, type the alias, a colon and yer pose.
    pub :waives

    [Public] NerfSlosh waives

To find out what channels you're on and their aliases, type

    Alias Channel Names       On Active
    pub   Public              4  <on>
    mon   Monitor             4  <on>
To find out who is on a channel (and is currently logged in), type [alias] who
    pub who

    [Public] People on channel: ResourceXi, NerfSlosh, and Tifanjo

To add a channel, or create a new one, type addcom [alias]=[channel name]
    addcom te=test

    Adding you to channel 'test'...
    [test] NerfSlosh has joined this channel.

To turn a channel off (stop getting data from it, but still be subscribed), type [alias] off, or turn it on, type [alias] on.
    te off

    [test] NerfSlosh has left this channel.
    You are no longer on 'test'.

    te on

    Adding you to channel 'test'.
    [test] NerfSlosh has joined this channel.

To unsubscribe from a channel entirely, type delcom [alias]
    delcom te

    [test] NerfSlosh has left this channel.
    Channel deleted...


The movie projector is in the Grand Lake Theatre (#220). You can get there by walking through Oakland, or taking the bus, or you can @move yourself directly to the object number. (Every object on the Moo has a number. The Theatre is #220).

    @move me to #220

    Grand Lake Theatre
    [room description]

The theatre is full of many objects (almost all of which are edible. Try "eat [object name]" (without quotes)). In there is also a movie projector. To make it go, type "show movie" (wihout the quotes).
You can cause the movie to change by mkaing changes to forum story node. To do that, you can either teleport to the forum room (#171) like you got to the move theatre, or you can access story node via it's object number (#224).
Theorectically, story node contains an in-progress story that people can add to by posting a little bit more to it. To read it, type "read story node" if you are in the room it's in, or "read #224" if you are not. To post to it, type 'post "[my story section]" to story node' (don't use those single quotes, but use the double quotes around your story). Or 'post "[my story section]" to #224'.
    post "One day the teletubbies decided to have a parade. But it started to rain. So they had noo-noo vacuum up all the raindrops. This worked great until noo-noo had a major electrical short. 'I know what to do!' tinky Winky said." to #224

    You post One day the teletubbies decided to have a parade. But it started to rain. So they had noo-noo vacuum up all the raindrops. This worked great until noo-noo had a major electrical stort. 'I know what to do!' tinky Winky said. to story node.

Don't press return until you finish typing everything out! If you press enter in the middle, it won't work. Also, do not use double quotes in your story. Use them around your story. If you want quotes in a story, use single ones instead. Now if you read story node (#224), you should see your post.
You can post to all the other nodes in the same way (Grump node is #223 and General node is #225), but it won't effect the movie.

Moving Around the Moo
The easiest way to get around the moo is to "walk." When you enter into a room or type "look", you get a description of the room, followed by a list of objects, and then players and then obvious exits. To go through one of those exists, just type the name of it. If the moo replies with "You can't go that way." try putting \'s before the spaces. So if there is an exit called "North on Kapiolani" and you can't go that way, try typing "North\ on\ Kapiolani" (without the quotes). Exists aren't suppossed to have spaces in their names, but some of them (actually, most of them) do.
Rooms may also have some hidden exits. Try typing "out" and see if it takes you anyplace. There are also some rooms, like the hospital and the stream, that you can climb out of. Type "climb out of here" (wihout the quotes) and see if it takes you anyplace.
You can also teleport around the moo. One way to do that is to @join somebody who is already logged in and in a different room. (To see who is logged in, type @who.) So you type "@join [player]"

    @join scrawl

    You join Scrawl.
    [room description]

Another way to teleport is to @move yourself. For this you must know the room number. Type "@move me to [room number]"
    @move me to #712

    [new room description]

Make sure the number you @move yourself to is actually a room. If it's not, don't worry, most likely you won't go. You can also use the @move command on objects. If an object does not belong to you, do not move it around. Just "@move [object number] to me" you can also "@move [object number] to here"
You can also ride the bus.

To create a puppet

    @create $puppet called puppy

    You now have puppy with object number #929 and parent Generic Puppet (#114).

Add the puppet
    @add-puppet puppy as pup

    You now have a puppet by the name of puppy with an alias of 'pup'. To turn it on, type 'cdpup on'.

If you want your puppet to tell you what it sees and what is sent to it (and to let you know what's going on in the room it's in (it won't tell you stuff when you're in the same room with it)), you have to turn it on
    cdpup on

    puppy> I am now on.

All of the lines it sends you will pre preceded by "[puppet name]>". If you have two puppets in the same room and you want to stop getting double messages or you just want your puppet to stop listening, turn it off
    cdpup off

    puppy> I am now off.

Puppets can do most everything players can do. First, you have to put them down. Drop them like you would any other object. Just type, "drop [name]" (without quotes). Then make them do and say things. Just precede your commands with cd[alias]
    cdpup "hi

    puppy says, "hi"   (if you're in the same room)
    puppy> You say, "hi"   (if you're in a different room and the puppet is turned on)

To see what puppets you have, type @puppets

    Puppet Name     Alias  Owner      Status   Location
    puppy           pup    NerfSlosh  Off      The First Room
To get rid of a puppet alias, @rem-puppet [alias]
    @rem-puppet pup

    Removing puppet 'puppy' with its alias 'pup'.

And to destroy it completely, recycle it just like any other object, @recycle [name]
    @recycle puppy

    puppy (#929) recycled.