Christi is gone and I am all alone until Sunday night. If I was smarter, this could have been better planned. We could have gone to see my mom in the morning today and then again sunday evening (after leaving a bit early) and I would have just taken my regular day off and instead I will be all by lonesome. Christi’s grandpa has suffered some sort of major medical event. One moment he was talking to matthew, the next he was on the ground, sweaty and cold with no discernable breathing or pulse. Matthew called 911 and attempted to fake CPR. (hey people: go take a CPR class. Your work may offer them for free. And if you’re not working, well then you have time. It doesn’t take that long to learn and it’s clearly a valuable skill.) Anyway, due to Matt’s fast acting, Grandpa was transported to the hospital and revived. Last I heard he was complaining that he was in the hospital. One second he’s talking to Matthew, next thing you know he’s in the hospital. Why did they do that? He whines a lot about disruptions to his schedule. So he sounds ok, but I don’t know. Christi was on the way to Riverside to visit Tiffany, but now she’s going on to San Bernadino to see her grandpa too. Hopefully she will call with updates as to his health. I’m all out of my own grandparents (lately not doing so well with parents either), so I made an agreement to borrow Christi’s. I’m not in favor of this death thing. I’d like to speak to the manager. Somebody better tell me what’s going on with Grandpa. Christi’s cousins all beleive him to be immortal as he seems so old and yet also seems to be as healthy as a mule. We’ll see. Last time I saw him, he seemed to be as stubborn as a mule. He had a hernia operation only a couple days ago, which this seems like it’s related to (at least to me) and I think that operation wouldn’t have been done unless he was pretty healthy going into it or the hernia was really really bad. Anyway, I should head south. Last couple times I saw my mom, she was doing terribly, but my brother came wich is a minor miracle, I guess. Today I am wasting massive amounts of water on my little container garden. some of plants have started looking yellowish, maybe because they’re at the end of their lifecycle, but they are suppossed to flower more before they go. I have a brown thumb. Not good with plants, animals or people.

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