I had a disagreement with some of my neighbors about dogs. Actually, about my dog. My thought is that our parking area makes an excellent dog run. Anyway, parking lots are wastes of space. After the revolution it will be a cool vegitable garden. My neighbor’s thoughts are that parking lots are for cars and happy dogs running around belong in the dog parks our city has so generously provided. Apparently I missed a nieghborhood association meeting on the topic. And I failed to read the minutes. And it’s high crimes and treason for the dog to stand in the planter because the plants are dying as a result. The plants die every winter and return in the spring, much like Christ’s yearly resurrection, but I refrained from pointing this out and instead regretted that Christi was forced to resign from the Association Board due to time conflicts. Anyway, afterwards, I was pondering life after the revolution, in happy communes and a dark thought fell upon me. “How am I going to get along in a squat/commune if I can’t even get along with my neighborhood association now?” I shared this with Mitch and he said it wasn’t my fault, my neighbors are all “consumerist-minded.” So now I feel better about it, if a bit elitist. Mitch is cool

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