Banned Practice

We had practice today, despite some sporting event bruhaha. Mitch was talking about this chick he likes, and I suggested he try cooking for her. The drummer (same guy who wants to wrap Xena in a giant flour tortilla) says, “My advice is just go for the neck. Like right away.” Apparently, he means go for necking right away, not some sort of vampire thing.
We sounded pretty good today. Played a lot in E. A whole lot of E. We’ve decided to do a cover of the sesamea street counting song, the one that goes “One two thre four five, six seven eight nine ten, eleven twelve,” but we’re going to do it in esperanto. “Und du tri kvar, kvin ses sep ok naux dek, dek un’ dek du.” We also talked a bit about covering the song “There’s a place in France where the naked ladies dance.” We did not talk about insane clown music, but the spirit of it was hanging in the air.
Ok, so what’s this band like, you’re thinking. I play bass. I think I play a Fender P-bass, but I’m forgetful, so who knows. I suck. Ed plays guitar. Ed it really good and has a cool holoow body guitar. He also has the FX box of doom. It has several preset styles and a delay. Today Ed was sounding like heavy metal and had the dlay feeding back on it self, so he was echoing. Mitch also plays guitar. He has a pink paisley fender, just like the one in the band in the first Austin Powers movie. He was going toally clean through a very crappy amp. His guitar sounds kind of plinky sometimes and he plays most of his solo lines very high up,often using the pentatonic minor scale. Often this sounds great. Occasionally it sounds like dueling banjos. Very occasionally. Chand plays drums. He plays electronic drums. They’re digital. There’s an artfiact such that the symbols stop ringing when you hit another drum, since the decay of one seems to cut off the decay of the other. He plays quite well, but, since the drums are electronic, the drum sounds sound like a drum machine, even if his playing doesn’t. All of this together conspires on evil clown music and five-eight time, on the theory that five eight time will cause riots. Riots are desirable.
Estas Loko en Francio, kie nudaj inoj dancas.
How do you translate, I feel your purple vibes? Eble, Mi sentas vin purpure or Mi sentas viajn purpurajn vibrojn.

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