food is good. Food is love. Food is making us fat. Food is dead. Food has poison in it. Food has been industrialized. Food is processed. Food is unprocessed. You should eat more meat. You should eat less meat. You should eat not meat. Dairy. Grains. Vegetables.
Food is a demon that haunts us. Our relationship to food has gotten to be tremendously complex. Is it because of poor body image, industrialization? I’m hardly unbiased here as someone who strives to eat mostly vegan food.
I avoid animal products because of industrialization. Modern animal husbandry is terribly wasteful and polluting, unhealthy for people and animals. But I tell people that I’m vegan because I love food. You can eat tons of vegan food and still be hungry. I get to eat more than everyone else.
People should love food. It gives us nutrients and comfort. We often eat comunally, so it nourishes us socially in addition to physically. The family dinner is a tradition in our culture. My favorite thing is when Christi makes her shepherd’s pie and we sit down with firends and housemates to eat it. I love shepherd’s pie. I also love the way it is a special occasion that brings people together to share food.
but what about body image, industrialization, vitamins, etc? My theory is that it is perfectly ok to have a no list. (obviously, since i try to be vegan), but you should also have a yes list. What are your favorite foods? Why do you like them? What are your favorite recipies (or restaurants)? Also, I heard a nutritionist on KPFA saying that everyone should take a good multivitamin. That way if your diet is a little unbalanced, you’re still ok. Since this was KPFA, I know that he wasn’t a tool of the vitamin industry.
Time for lunch…

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