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Ok, so i’ve been writing too much lately. but you know, i spent a lot of time thinking, so it seemed like a good idea.
Wednesday, the 19th was my work in the Other Minds tape archive day, and so I did and it was uneventful. Thursday was my work in the Other Minds office day and it was uneventful and long. We didn’t leave till after 7:00, but we didn’t get there very early. I finally exchanged my binaural mics for some omni directional ones and so i was secretly recording christi’s office! anyway, they had me print and stuff envelopes. sometime soon, i’ll use it to record the sounds of BART for the singapore thing we’re doing with Jenya.
CHristi is doing an arrangement of Lou Harrison’s King David’s Lament for the OtherMinds festival. She is compining the original version and the choral versions. It will be sung by a solo tenor and then the SF Opera Chorus and then the SF Gay Men’s Chorus. She says it’s really hard work, becuase it’s Lou and she is treating it with so much respect. She’s certainly spent many hours on it. And at the end of the OM office day, folks were looking at the program, making last minute changes before it went to the printers. There was an argument about whether to credit Christi as the arranger. You’ve seen credits in programs and movie credits. It says: “Some Song by Jow Blow arr. Jane Blew”. That “arr” is the arranger. That’s what credit looks like. I’ve been reading an orchestration book (“orchestration” is another word for “arranging” and it’s useful for composing, anyway) and one of the first things it says is how to credit an arranger, specifically yourself for your own work. It would be unheard of to not credit an arranger! good lord. so we’re talking about Seattle.
Our toy piano is gone. It’s being played in a concert tomorrow night. it’s very exciting.
And our clothes washer caused a small flood. Tiffany heroically and quick-thinkingly, took fast action and saved equipment and OM archive tapes from getting wet. But all of my formerly clean socks were impacted. Every one of them. We called some guys to come out and repair it. I should not have dropped my spanish class. Arg. Anyway, they took a bunch of pieces of it away again and said they could come back with new parts on tuesday. the thing ran ok, it just slowly fills up with water when not going. so it would have been possible to turn off the water when not in use and still be able to wash all of my formerly-clean socks. except that the repair guys took the parts. anyway.

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