So Christi told me I could interview folks at her work for the transit project thignee, which is still not ready. I figured that it would be much less hectic now that the festival is over and since everybody got Monday off to relax. It was not less hectic. Nobody had time to talk to me but one of the volunteers and his friend. Fortunately, both were bilingual. I got the one guy speaking in English and Afrikaaners. I knew his national background wehn I asked if he was bilingual, and he said he was, but it was a language that nobody would want to hear him speak. I asked him to talk in it anyway. It has no word for “subway” or “metro.” (If you have an opinion of the politics surrounding this language and whether I should use any part of it, let me know. Since I don’t understand more than a word here or there of it, it’s going to be difficult for me to edit anyway.) I got the second guy, who is from Equador, speaking in Spanish. More samples is good.
then, I hoped I could get some of the women in the office to talk, but they were all very busy, so I did filing for them, hoping it would free up some time for them to talk to me, or perhaps make them feel guilty. Neither occured, but I filed more than a ream’s worth of solicitation letters.
Came home, answered old email. Did chores. Made dinner. Tiffany came home. Procrastination…. al la la. I really need to do it tomorrow. And the other thing due on the 15th, whatever it is, I’ve forgotten. And write more music for Seattle. And find out if Wesleyan wants me to take the GREs, since I told them I was going to (and if I could put that off for a bit longer). And the Aether Fest tape.

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