My last call to Digidesign Tech Support

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I was helpfully reminded. The software has been out for less than 90 days and clearly falls under the warranty. sheesh. anyway. i got some work around for my problems. When protools crashes on startup (which it does about half the time, which seems to imply that it corrupts it’s preferences just about everytime it runs), you throw away all the preference files. When it refuses to play audio, which is just wayyy to frequent, well, that’s a problem with the SCSI card that talks to my CD Burner. this worked fine under os9, but under osx, i can remove the SCSI card, or I can do the work-around. The work around is to open the project file (which may or may not crash the software, see above) and save a copy of it to my firewire drive, using the save a copy command. then quit protools. then open the new copy. i have to do this for every pre-existing project that i want to edit. and for some reason, protools 6 won’t send midi out to quicktime, which means i have to go find synthesizers and plug them in to hear the midi parts. this would be find if i was recording a prog rock balland, since all the midi would be going out to synths anyway. but the midi is just there to remind me what the cello, flute and percussion are playing. it’s just a place holder. and my synths suck enough (for cello emulation, at least) that quicktime is better. anyway, i end up working with os9 protools more than half the time anyway. there are small feature improvements in PT6. Mostly, they have to do with how highlighting is handled. but all in all, it was not the best $75 I ever spent. I’d expect better from digidesign. This is not the kind of software that earned their reputation for excellence.

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