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normally I wouldn’t bring this up, and we don’t don’t want to jump to any
conclusions, (it’s too late for fingerpointing to happen now, anyway) but
we did notice that someone apparently had a little “accident” on the
carpet by the back porch. Now, just because you standing there looking
guilty for a few moments doesn’t mean that you necc. have anything to do
with it, but if you did do it (we won’t hold it against you — this time)
a more appropriate response than doing the dishes would be to mop the

again, we’re not making assumptions, accidents happen! everyone has bad
days, but the important thing is to make sure that you take responsibilty
for mistakes when they occur.

X, if we’re told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times! get
someone to let you out OR use the litter box. It’s not that hard!
Y can handle it, Xena can handle, even chicken can! jeez.

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