New years eve party!

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  1. Do you miss Christi?
    Yes, terribly
  2. Can we have dinner?
    Absolutely, but I am on public transit only for a while, so this impacts my ability to get around. My scedule is pretty wide open as yet.
  3. Isn’t your truck here?
    Yes, but I tried to switch the registration from my dad to me before I left for school and there was a problem, so I need to go to the DMV to sort it out. Also, since it’s co-registered to Christi and I, if it turns out the CA domestic partnership laws go into effect Jan 1st, then there is an advantage to be gained by waiting till then.
  4. Am I invited to your new years eve party?
  5. Where is it?
    At my berkeley address
  6. Should I RSVP?
    It would be easier to figure out how many consumables to stockpile if you call or email ahead of time. Or if you don’t want to rsvp (just in case you’re waiting to see if Hugh Hefner calls at the last minute), you can come anyway and byob.
  7. Should I get you a Christmas gift?

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