Alan Keyes Daughter is a Lesbian

Alan Keyes, GOP candidate for senate in Illinois, had to leave the RNC in disgrace after he said that all queers, including Mary Cheney (Dick Cheney’s daughter), were selfish hedonists and bad people, etc etc. Gays bad. Hets good. Well, today, it was revealed that Maya Keyes keeps a blog and she’s an out lesbian.

Yeah, I went and read her blog. Then shen put up a security thing, making it a private blog. She’s not on LJ. the security she uses appears to be defeatable. So I was all set to put up an image of it someplace, so as to to peer at it. She’s quite a good writer. There are still snippets of it up on other websites, relevant bits, where she refutes her dad’s politics, etc.
But then, I thought about bloggers with too much time on their hands picking apart blogs of opponents . . .. Maya Cheney is not an opponent. She’s a person who has a homophobic relative who condemns her, and that relative happens to be running for senate. I don’t want my blog picked apart.
Today’s golden rule lesson brought to you by a profound desire to procrastinate

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2 thoughts on “Alan Keyes Daughter is a Lesbian”

  1. wow. so did he say that before he found out that his daughter is a lesbian, or he’d already cut her out of the family?


  2. She has contact with her family. But apparently they don’t want to pay her college tuition cuz she’s a lesbian.

    I really feel for her having that sort of conflict with her parents. And she’s just an excellent writer, so her blog was worth reading for that.

    However, this latest is really unlikely to help her heal her rift with her folks. Maybe somebody at some school will give her a full ride or something.

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