In 2006

In 2006, I will

  • Actually become fluent (or at least very conversational) in French
  • Play some gigs in France and elsewhere in Europe
  • Develop zen-like calm
  • Write some music influenced by the pedagogy I’m involved in
  • Finish some projects that I’ve been procrastinating on
  • See the head of St John the Baptist at Avignon
  • Spend summer biking around france: plan it, train, get gear, do it
  • visit armagnac-producing region
  • keep track of important dates and show up to things I ought to show up to


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8 thoughts on “In 2006”

  1. clams don’t do a whole lot already, except some water purification. I think it would be bad if they did *less*, although they would be safer to eat.

    I guess I don’t want zen-like calm then, since, I’m in favor of doing. Maybe the word I’m looking for is “serenity” except I don’t necessarily want to accept the things I cannot change. That’s sort of the death of arts. I would be nice to have more skill at battle picking and the ability to remain unfazed. Calm in the midst of calm or in the midst of turmoil. That’s closer.

  2. we can all use the battle-picking (a skill best learned by doing). a peaceful heart may be what you’re looking for. with it, we can do anything. without it, everything we do is as ashes.

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