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I recently went to the M.C. Escher Museum, so I’ve now seen the originals of his crazy drawings. They are really mind-bending. I felt kind of dizzy as I left. The museum is cool, if a bit pricey. If you go, skip the top floor.
Yesterday, my new bike arrived. It is gigantic. It weights 50% of my body weight. I always get things that are too big. My clothes. My bass speaker cabinet. I’m such a size queen. This is probably why I play tuba. Anyway, the bike is awesome. I think I’m going to swap the seat for a leather one. (I so suck at being vegan-ish.) This weekend, we’re going to bike to the sea. The next weekend, we’re going to bike to Delft. Bike = awesome. I love bikes.
I started trying to integrate my joystick into my cheesy live sampling application that I built. It’s educational. Also, I’m wondering if I should make the action more like the action for SCButton. That passes itself as the sole argument. If you want the value, you ask the button for the value. It’s kind of more logical. All of the things that I pass to the button action are things that the element (read: particular sensor) already knows. So, I’m pondering another re-write of my class. I think I probably will.
The school’s fire alarm is going off. I wonder if this has any implications.
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