The world has been crying out for my old SuperCollider tutorial. Well, not crying out, exactly. Some of you may recall that I had the idea of a doing a tutorial as a thesis project. My advisor said it was disorganized and error-riddled, and so the project was abandoned. However, some stranger on the internet convinced me to send it to him.
This stranger was my host for my first two weeks here (the house with no hot water). His name is Jeremiah and he’s cool. Anyway, he told me that he liked the tutorial and I should put it on the internet. So here you go. It’s incomplete and disorganized. The errors aren’t serious. (Lines of code are separated by semicolons, not terminated: that means that the last line in any block doesn’t need a semi colon, but can have one anyway if you want. Blocks are not defined by parenthesis, but rather by curly brackets or by highlighting code with the mouse. These are the two most glaring errors. All the examples should work.)


Tutorials have moved to http://www.berkeleynoise.com/celesteh/podcast/?page_id=65 . Please update your links.

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