Fat flying dog

My landlord has agreed to let me have my dog here and Cola’s parents have agreed to give her to me. All I need now is a “Pet passport” and some paperwork and to book her to be shipped with me. Hooray! Cola’s parents are going to buy Xena a flying crate tomorrow, so I’ll talk to a KLM agent on Monday with the exact crate dimensions and weight.

Speaking of weight, Cola’s mom wrote back with Xena’s current dimensions. She weights 63 lbs right now (29 kil0s). She should be around 40 – 45 lbs (20 kilos) ideally. She has to lose about a third of her weight. I’m kind of annoyed. I used to be able just to leave her food out and she would self-ration how much to eat, but I’m guessing those days are over. She didn’t actually like that dog food very much. It was super-healthy expensive hippy dog food. It had rosemary and artichoke hearts in it. I wonder if I can get it here. I saw at my local natural food market that they sell vegetarian dog food. Normally, I’m against such things because more fiber for my dog means more work for me (eww). Maybe it’s a good idea for now, though.
she also has kennel cough right now. I used to get her vaccinated for that, but I guess the vaccine must have worn off. I’m guessing she picked it up at her last vet appointment. She should be over it before January and ok to fly. I need to email her (Oakland) vet and make an appointment for diplomatic paperwork and also to see when I should get her the kennel cough booster. Poor dog is taking antibiotics right now. I wonder if they screw up dog stomachs as much as they do human stomachs? Should dogs eat yogurt while taking them?
I should be able to bike with the dog on the front rack of my bike, even at her obese size, although I’m not looking forward to going uphill in the wind with her being 10 kilos overweight. Her weight right now is like the equivalent of me weighting 200 lbs. Every time somebody keeps her for a long time for me, she gets kind of fat. I need to find the dog food that I guess she doesn’t like.
Speaking of my local natural food market, I was happy with them because I saw that they abstained from putting golliwogs in their windows. But then I saw the wrapping paper they have on hand. bah.
Tomorrow, a local flyer promises folks in blackface hanging out at the Grote Kerk (in my neighborhood), but I’m planning on going to Den Bosch (pronounced “dane boss”) to retrieve Cola’s new camera from the gay bar where it got left two weeks ago. I’m sure there will be plenty of folks in blackface there too. bah. On the plus side, they have a regional specialty called Bosche Ballen (pronounces “Boss-uh Ball-en”) which are chocolate covered fried cream puffs. Yum.

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