3.7 on the Richter scale, very near my house. There was another one of the same size in the same place just a couple of days ago. Foreshocks? I wanted to come home for the holidays, but not for the Big One.
In possibly related news, today is/was international orgasm for peace day. Maybe a bunch of last minute procrastinators actually made the earth move.
I really hate earthquakes. I was in the big one in 1989. That made elevated highways near my house now collapse despite being well over 100 km south of here. The Hayward fault is much closer and due to go. I hope it waits until I’m out of here.

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One thought on “Earthquake!”

  1. I felt these two big time. I dunno, yeah it could be good in that fault is easing pressure. It coudl be bad as in it’s setting up for big one.
    I have my water, my canned goods…


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