Idea: Am I Trumpet or Not?

Jean-Calude Risset, while he was at Bell Labs, derived the overtone structure for trumpet attack timbres. Then, he made a catalog of available synthesized trumpet sounds. This was in the 60’s I think. There were already hundreds of computer models for trumpets. The number has undoubtedly grown. His catalog is a tape of him saying the number, followed by the sound. But this is a problem. Some of those trumpet sounds are subjectively better than others. But who has time to listen to the thousands of sounds available just to pick one?

The solution: an internet ratings site! People hear a trumpet sound and give it a score. (Or, it could be a contest where two trumpet sounds are pitted against each other.) Soon, one rises to the top of the heap. This is the best trumpet sound! Hooray!
The site should also offer the synthesis algorithm and sample code in C sound or whatever the sound is coded in. Risset’s catalog thus becomes useful to synthesis geeks.
I’m too lazy to do this, but I think it’s a good idea. Also, I can host it.

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