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I’m in England. Every time I need to cross a road, I look back and forth in panicked confusion and run for it. I heard on the BBC radio today that there is a new tax on fags. I was momentarily alarmed, but then I figured that my crush on my dog sitter probably wouldn’t be enough to change my bracket. (You expect these sorts of confusions in a foreign language “attend” in french, “becoming” in german, but it’s quite startling when it’s your native language.)

I have not been admitted to Birmingham at this point, but I think I will be, gods willing. I went to a colloquium after having 2916491728 espressos today and participated more than anybody else, which Cola (who also went) said was probably a good thing. So if they have space, I’m probably in. Funding is another issue.
The town, which I haven’t seen that much of yet, seems kind of run down in parts, but it’s not like Middletown or anything. It’s the second largest city in the UK, so I have good hopes. Also, it’s only 1.5 hours to London and the hours of coursework expected of me would be 0. I might commute. However, there are lots of big, nice parks around and I think Xena would really like it here. I don’t know what’s up with me, but I really miss her when I’m away from her for more than a few hours. She’s just a dog, but she’s my dog and I wish I could take her with me everywhere.

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  1. I like England, save for the crummy weather. 6 months out of the year of overcast sky here is enough for me. But it’ll be totally cool if you live there! I’d be living vicariously through you.


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