Flanders Montage

This short film begins with a scene near the border where the bike route goes through a lovely National Park. There is a frog croaking on the audio track. I heard many frogs croaking and some of them sounded nice. This one was clever though, since he would only croak when there were other loud sounds a fade out when it was quiet. It made hir hard to record, but probably also more difficult for predators to find. The next two bits are the red light district in Antwerp. Everybody knows that prostitution is legal in The Netherlands, but it seems like most Americans are unaware that it’s legal in several other countries too, including law-heavy Belgium. Then comes audio from a carilon concert in Mechelen. The carilon there is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the very large number of bells. They were put to good use doing renditions of sappy pop songs. Can you name the tunes from the short fragments? Post your guesses in the comments. Finally, the last bit is pitch black and much longer than the rest.
I posted earlier about the horror movie campsite. I described the slugs everywhere, the mossy, moldy abandoned caravas, the very strange owner wanting to know if Xena was a good gaurd dog and the screams of animal life all night long.
Let me assure you that lying in a tent in the total blackness, it sounded much, much louder than it does on this recording. Maybe the spookiness doesn’t come across in this segment, but the audio is the best quality of the whole trip.
I’m disproportionately proud of these little videos. Feel free to remix them under an attribution-only liscence.

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