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There are some people twittering supercollider code. They do sound generating apps in 140 characters or less! I’ve just created some code to fetch and play these. It uses a yahoo pipe which looks for tweets tagged with and which seem to contain a playable piece of code. It also does some sanitizing to ignore potentially evil content.
This is a first draft, so it requires a helper script, written in bash, which is called


ss  >   /tmp/rss.xml

The SC code is:

r = {{
  var code, new_code, syn, doc, elements;{
   doc ="/tmp/rss.xml");"/tmp/rss.xml", "r"));
   elements = doc.getElementsByTagName("description");
   elements.notNil.if ({
    new_code = elements.last.getText;
    ((new_code == code).not).if ({
     code = new_code;
     (syn.notNil).if ({; s.freeAll; });
     syn = code.interpret;


Replace the path information with the correct one, start the server, select all the code and hit enter. If you find a bug or a way to be evil, please leave a comment.

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