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When I was studying analog electronic music in The Hague at Sonology, one of the techniques that Kees Tazelar really promoted was the re-working of recordings. The composer would record a sound and then playback that recording though another patch, like a filter or ring modulator or something and record the results of that and then repeat the process with the new recording.
This approach is nice because the resultant material has a link with the material that preceeded it. When the composer mixes it all togther, the material has a connection which may be audible. I used to record completely new patches with new sources for every sound in an analog work, but now I also do a lot of reprocessing.
My idea is to do a collaboration with other interested electronic artists. We could each publish one source sound and then publish some reprocessing of that sound and other artists’ sumitted sounds. We could then mix some of those sounds (with possibly some extra processing) and make new pieces with these collaboratively devloped sounds. These could then be released as a group via a netlabel or something.
I think this might be fun and if people document what they did, it could also be a nice learning tool. Anyone interested?

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