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Wake up late. Check email. Check facebook. Check blogs. Ponder doing work. Do something work-like (read a book on the topic or write a related blog post or make sure software platform is current or work on code library or design drum sounds or . . .), Realise it’s time to go to whatever. Feel guilty due to lack of work accomplished. Decide to show up late. Then decide it’s too late and don’t go OR show up fantatically late. Feel guilty the whole time out. Pick up laptop upon return home. Just have a little peek at the internet. Realise it’s getting light out. Go to bed late . . ..

How It’s going to be

I have about 9 months to go, which is certainly enought time. I am going to go to bed by 2. I am going to get up by 10. I will limit facebook + blogs together to no more than one hour per day. I will not start typing on my tutorial until I have done 2 hours of composing. Every thing I start programming needs to get into a piece. I will go out 3 or 4 nights a week, because I cannot be a shut-in. I will slack at least one day per week but not more than 2. Slack day means 4+ sunlight hours not looking at a computer.
I will write 10 minutes of music per month. I will finish by May.
I’m writing this on the bus, so it’s not ironic!
Changing my sex has been somewhat distracting, but I have to get on with it.

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