Live blogging nime – ircam assigning gesture to sound

they play a sound and then ask people to represent the sound as gesture and then use that gesture to control a new soud. The sound to gesture is an experimental study, which was a very good idea!
in the existing literature: tapping a beat is a well – known gesture. Body motion to music and more new: mimic instrumental performances (ex air guitar). Sound tracting is sketching a sound?
Gaver says musicl listing has a focus on acoustic properties and everyday listening focuses on cause.
categorisation of sounds involves the sound sources. People would categorise door sounds togther, even if they are very different sonically.
will subjects try to mimic the origins of causal sounds, eg mime slamming a door?
will they trace non causal sounds?
they played kitchen sounds and kitchen sounds convoluted w white noise
track subject’s hand position. Each subject gets some time to work out and practice her gesture, then record it three times. Ask the subject to watch the viseo and narrate it.
the transformed sounds are described more metaphorically. Non transformed sounds describe the object and the action is described, rather than the sound.

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