The future of BiLE

what will happen to us when we’re famous? Will we lose it like Amy Winehouse? Antionio predicts:
Antonio will crumble under pressure from the ladies and become a porn star.
Juju will go into politics, campaigning for animals.
Shelly will become a talk show host for the culture show.
Chris will go into boxing, venting pressures from his computers. He’ll will grow a twirly moustache like an old fashioned pugalist.
Jorge will be a famous singer in Colombia. Women, children and teenagers will throw their knickers at him. He’ll do ocassional BiLE reunions. They will be the most awesome gigs ever.
Norah’s love for pandas will lead her to write a famous blog or become like Jeanine Girafalo.
I will become a fashionisto in NYC, wearing a baret, smoking a cigarette out of a long holder and own a toy poodle.
I think I kind of object to this…..
Antonio makes no apologies and plays the cards as he seems them.
Shelly predict that 4 of us will end up living in squats until we’re 75, hoping somebody eventually pays us for a gig.

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