Forming a plan

Today is 30 July. My dissertation is due on 30 September. I am now planning on how things will be between now and then.
I know that I cannot work every day between now and then. My maximum sprint time is 10 days. So I need to plan on taking one day off per week, which might was well be on the weekend. With BiLE on Wednesdays, that gives me 5 days a week. Also, planning on working 16 hour days is also not going to work. Instead, I can do 4 hours on music and 4 hours on words. Roughly, I have 160 hours of each to spend.
If I keep to a reasonable sleeping schedule and cut back on facebook, I can still go out occasionally. I am not going to drink unless it is the evening before my one break day per week. Also, since stress levels will be high, that break day needs to actually be spent away from a computer like riding my bike or going to the beach or something worthwhile.
Everything is going to be fine. This will all be over soon. I will get it it all done. I just need to focus and work hard.
I may start doing again what I did with my MA and start posting drafts of various bits, looking for feedback.

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