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Sketches, originally uploaded by celesteh.

I finally did some sketeches with pen and pencil about what I might do. The gamut of allowable shapes is therefore:

  • curved arrows
  • straight arrows
  • musical glyphs of any size (a list of allowable unicode numbers will be forthcoming)
  • coloured blobs
  • clouds of dots
  • text
  • numbers
  • circles
  • squiggly lines

Boxes that contain text may have 0-2 other items. Boxes that do not contain text may have 3-5 items.
A few of the boxes I drew reminded me of some of the Russian avant-garde stuff, like the Constructivists and Suprematists. This is not a co-incidence since, inspired by the name of my choir, I went to see a bunch of Constructivist work some weeks ago. I’ll post some of the images I’m thinking of shortly.
As far as text goes, I had an idea to use some incantations of C’thulu, but then I realised that’s a terrible idea, so I’m thinking now of some English translations of Constructivist and Suprematist poetry or prose, still about sounding and listening.

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