Live blogging flossie: Pulse Project- touching as listening

(Last year, Flossie was women-only and a bunch of men complained. This year, they bowed to pressure and decided to let anyone attend. I’m the only boy in the room.)
Talk by Michelle Lewis-King, an American who uses SuperCollider(!).
This is based on pulse-reading and some Chinese medicine principles. She has an acupuncture degree.
Occidental medicine is based on cutting apart dead bodies. Whereas Chinese medicine is more ‘alchemistic’, she says. Western medicine is from looking at dead bodies. Chinese medicine is based on feeling living bodies.
Pulses are abstractly linked to a type of music of the spheres.
She started drawing people’s pulses at different depths. This is sonic portraiture.
She found the SuperCollider community to be problematic to ask questions due to differences in ‘architecture’ differences. Some of the tutorials are not easy. She says the book is great because of the diversity of approaches. People at conferences have criticised her code, which is not a fun experience.
The community also provides a lot of support. The programme is free, community oriented and a useful tool.
She’s playing one of her compositions. It’s a pulsing very synthesised sound.
More info: 4th issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies
Twitter @vergevirtual

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