Constraining movement for DMI …..something….

Someone is playing a sort of a squeeze box that is electronic, so you can spin the end of it. Plus it has accelerometers. It’s kind of demo-y, but there’s potential there.
This comes from a movement-based design approach. They came up with the movement first. Design for actions.
Movement-based designed need not use the whole body. It need not be kinecty, non-touch. The material has a physicality.
Now we see a slide with tiny tiny words. It’s about LMA, which is Laban Movement Analysis. For doing a taxonomy of movements. They want to make expressive movement not just for dancers.
Observe movement, explore movement, devise movement, design to support the designed movement. (is this how traditional instrument makes work??)
the analysed a violinist and a no-input mixer. they made a shape change graph. There is a movement called ‘carving’ which he liked. The squeeze box uses the movement and is called ‘the twister’
They gave the prototype to a user study and told them to try moving it (with no sound). Everybody did the carving movement. People asked for buttons and accelerometers (really??)
the demo video was an artistic commission, specifically meant to be demo-y (obvs)


Laban theory is about ‘effort theory’ about the body. Did the instruments offer resistance?
They looked at interface stiffness, but decided not to focus on it. Effort describes movement dynamics, but is personal to performers.

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