the prospects for eye-contolled musical performance

Instrument controlled only by rotation of eyeballs!
He’s only found 6 examples of eyeball music.
Eye trackers shine an IR light on your eyeball and then look for a reflection vector with a camera. Callibrate by having users look at spots on a display.
eyes move to look at objects in peripheral vision. Eyes jump fast.
Data is error-prone. Eyes need visual targets. Only 4 movements per second with eyes.
Eyes can only move to focus. So an eyeball piece needs visual targets.
Audiences have nothing to see with eyeball instruments. Also, eyeball trackers are super expensive.
People have built eyeball instruments for computer musicians or for people with disabilities.
He is showing us documentation of 6 existing pieces.
“It’s sad to see a person [who] is severely disabled” says the presenter, and yet nobody in the documentation looks sad at all….


Q: Many of the nime performances were designed for people with disability.
A: Ok

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