The document liberation project

The project: they believe documents and contents belong to their creators, not software vendors. Open and free standards are required to achieve long term accessibility of data. Until vendors support open standards, open source must support closed formats.

Their mission is to figure out how to extract data from closed formats. They will read closed files, but not generate them. The are part of the open document format ecosystem.

These guys have a lot of libraries for parsing. And some generator libraries. They generate text files and some image files. And some introspection tools.

American fuzzy lop prevents the system from crashing on badly formatted files.

Updates on the project: more formats are supported. Many more formats.

They deal with a very wide variety of types of formats.

They are accepting code. Or you can try to decipher formats. Or you can generate documents.


What about DRM?

They scrupulously follow the law

What about stitching projects?

Sort of.

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