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And because now is the season of the primary, we can write letters to the 82681263 Democrats:

Dear Senator Warren,

I am considering voting for you in the primary but I want to hear you speak out against the assassination of Qasem Soleimani. Mr. Soleimani was a leader in a sovereign nation. Iran will rightly perceive this as an act of war. Surely we’ve had enough of starting wars in the middle east? How many more lives will we sacrifice there?

I hope I can count on you to put the breaks on Trump’s reckless foreign adventure.

How you respond to this issue will determine whether or not you have my support. Thank you for your time and your service.

For this, I am using the form on her campaign site. With the other candidates, I will probably tweak the wording somewhat, as I don’t want to fib. The circumstances that would lead me to vote for Biden, for example, would be rather fantastical.

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