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Kooman Samani

Lovotocs = Love + Robotics

This came out of social robots.
Western dualism includes both body and mind but also emotion and reason. This is falling out of favour towards monoism.

Love is covered by psychology philosophy etc.

Robots: industrial, service, social, and love?

There is a risk of the uncanny valley. Creepiness is also cultural. He decided to go for an abstract design and a simple looking interface.

Most people don’t think they could love a robot but are fine with robots loving them.

This project was fed by robots and AI but also by psychology.

Why do we fall in love? Repeat exposure is a factor.

His AI system emulated an endocrine system.

The state of the robot depends on the previous state, the endocrine emulation and the input.

This is slightly problematic … Like, one of the persistent problems in both AI and robots is that people want to assume emotion from the machine and this is just encouraging that.

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