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In the hope of making my text here more accessible, I’ve installed a few new plugins. Rather than take screenshots of a notation program, to show notes, I’ve installed Music Sheet Viewer. This is supposed to support Plaine and Easie Code, which is meant to be a dead easy way to input a few lines of notes. However, I couldn’t get that to work, so I input the Plaine and Easy Code into a free online converter, which turns it to MusicXML. It supports this format without a hitch. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong and will be able to simplify this soon.

For maths formulas, I tried very many plugins. The one that finally worked was QuickLaTex. As the name implies, it uses LaTex syntax for layouts. I’m under the impression that this increases accessibility for screen reader viewers, although perhaps not as much as MathsML. I tried many plugins nad this is the only one I could get to work. Of course, MathML is in Jetpack, but so is a bunch of SEO garbage that I’d rather live without.

Finally, I’ve enabled the ability to upload SVGs. I used WPCode, which is a code snippet library. It added a function for SVGs. This was better than trying to do this by hand, especially as it worked the first time without breaking my site.

My next step is to write or deploy a little javascript toy to let people try out different equal temperaments.

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