gear review – caffeinated soap

it! works! great!!!!
no, seriously. The soap comes in groups of three bars. It is see-though
and smells minty when moistened. It advertises 250 mg per “serving” with
ten “servings” per bar. The bar is good for way more than ten showers,
unless you wash very vigorously and stay in for a dern long time.
My wifey is a hardcore caffeine addict and notices nothing from the soap.
I hardly ever drink coffee or even green tea, so I do feel a bit awakened
after using it. I would avoid using this soap on extremely sensitive
skin. (that’s not a euphamism. I just mean that if you are already
having an allergic reaction to laundry soap or something, don’t go rubbing
more weird stuff on it.)
My motivation for use is not to wake myself up, but rather because a
single study seems to show that caffeine may help stop skin cancer. My
grandmother lost her nose to skin cancer…
skin cancer link:

(this also mentions brain cancer. my mom drank decaf. next time your
doctor tells you to switch to decaf, you can bring this up.)
soap link:
Sorry no pictures of this product in use. If you want to see me rubbing
soap on my nose, one could be taken.