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Hey folks, I’m playing in San Francisco tonight in the Edgetone Summit. Show starts at 8PM at the SF Community Music Center on 544 Capp Street. X-street is 20th. I’ve been informed this is directly in between 16th St BART and 24th St BART, only one block of of Mission. Also, very conveniently located if you want to purchase illicit drugs or sex on the way. Save a Hamilton for the $10 admission, though.
Polly Moller and I will be doing a work for lie detector. So think up some yes or no questions to put to Polly. Has she ever cheated on her taxes? Does she still beat her dog? If terrorists were going to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge unless she fellated Dick Cheney, would she do it?
I’ll be moderating, so if something is in bad taste, I will smack you down!
There are some other exciting people on the bill also. The summit goes on all week.

Show Wednesday (Tomorrow)!

I will be playing tomorrow night at 21:00 at the Plantage Dok in Amsterdam. The show starts at 21:00. Admission is free and the beer is cheap! I’m be playing “electronic noise that you can almost dance to.”
The address is Plantage Doklaan 8 tot 12. See the venue’s website for more information.
I’ve been trying new methods to make fun music. I’ll be using a MiniModular synthesizer, but re-sampled to 8 bit and silly 8-bit nintendo-inspired drum sounds. Hopefully, It will be exciting and fun. I don’t know if you will be able to dance to it, but I hope you try.

Les Hutchins & Matt Davignon and Polly Moller & Co

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Tuesday, Feb 5 2008 8:00 PM

1510 8th St Performance Space
1510 8th Street
Matt Davignon and Les Hutchins will interweave their amazing electronic sounds at 8:00 p.m., followed by Polly Moller & Co., consisting of Polly Moller (flute, bass flute, & voice), Jim Carr (bass), Amar Chaudhary (electronica), and Bill Wolter (guitar).
Cost : $10.00
Venue info:
Matt Davignon is a master of the drum machine. His recent album Soft Wet Fish should be required listening for any drum machine user. I’ll be playing some synthesizer with him. It would make a great instrumentation for a techno duo, except that no actual techno will be made.

We’re opening for Polly Moller, who will be appearing with the lads. It’s an eclectic group doing inspired improv.

This venue is new to me, but it won a best-of last year in the East Bay Express. I’m looking forward to playing there. It’s also located very near West Oakland Bart, making it easy to get to from all over the Bay Area.

Les Hutchins & Polly Moller @ the Luggage Store

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Hey Bay Area people, I’ve got a show coming up on 3 January in San Francisco. Start out the new year with live music!
I’ll be playing laptop, didjeridu and some synthesizer. Specifically, I’ll be using my live sampling application, as heard in Paris, Berlin, the Hague and now San Francisco! It will be a duo with monster-flutist Polly Moller. (Note that she is not literally a monster but her flute playing is what you would get if King Kong or Godzilla played flute – and were really good at it.)
If Polly’s name sounds familiar with you, it’s because she was the lead of the flute-fronted rock band that I played in some years ago. Her flute playing then, as now, was full of agro tones and weird-awesome sounds that you don’t expect from a flute. She’s also really fun to improv with and her sounds work really well with electronic processing. I can do stuff with her that I haven’t been able to do with other flutists.
(Also, just to add, I’m awesome too.)
The show is at 1007 Market St in SF at the Luggage Store Gallery. It’s easily accessible via BART or muni (take the N line from the Caltrain station). Admission is $6 – $10 sliding scale. But if all you’ve got is $3 or $0 or something, they’ll still let you in.
The show starts at 8 with Jen Baker (Trombone) and Damon Smith (Double Bass). Those two formed half of the Just in Time Quartet, of which I was a member. Damon was also my bass teacher. He’s really cool and knows how to throat sing. Jen is also cool, but I don’t know her work as well.
Then at 9, Polly and I are on for 45 minutes or so.
I know some people have been curious about my Evenfall Minimodular synth. Polly describes it as “vintage” but it’s less than 10 years old. They are, however, rare. A guy in the south bay made them. At the time they were new, they were absolutely your best bet for starting into analog synths. It’s small, portable, yet a fully featured modular. Like an Arp, it has a bunch of normalized connections (it doesn’t need to be patched, but can be). And it’s got a MIDI in. The Evenfall guy thought it would be a raver’s dream. I don’t know if the trance/house folks ever got into this, but, it really should have been their dream. It’s flexible enough to be anybody’s dream, since it’s modular. I’ll be patching it and otherwise being arty. So here’s a chance to see / hear it in action.
The poster image is kind of random. I was hoping to find a picture of Polly and I together, but then gave up and used this snapshot I took of a peace sign at the Cesar Chavez park

Concert Announcement

8 Oktober: Over tekst en muziek – Kader Abdolah

Kader Abdolah – lezing over de relatie tussen tekst en muziek
Han Buhrs – zang, live elektronica
Joseph Bowie – trombone, zang, live elektronica
Luc Houtkamp – computer, saxofoon
Guy Harries – computer, zang
Celeste Hutchins – compositie, computer
Kader Abdolah, Nederlands schrijver van Iraanse afkomst, zal een lezing houden over de synthese tussen poëzie en muziek in de Perzische cultuur. Abdolah heeft met het POW Ensemble een voorstelling gemaakt voor het Crossing Border festival 2005, waarin de gedichten van de Perzische dichter Jalaluddin Rumi een centrale rol innemen. Bij het werkproces aan dat project is het ons opgevallen hoe nauw muziek en poëzie in de Perzische cultuur samen vallen. Kader Abdolah heeft over dit gegeven veel te vertellen.
De relatie tussen tekst en muziek is een onderwerp dat het POW Ensemble ten zeerste bezighoudt. Het ensemble legt de verbinding tussen beiden op een eigentijdse manier door gebruik te maken van computers. Op dit concert zullen we laten horen wat de mogelijkheden van deze werkwijze zijn.
Daarnaast zal de Amerikaanse componiste Celeste Hutchins haar composities Meditations pour les Femmes en Faux-bourdon Bleu te gehore brengen.

Plaats: Galerie <TAG>, Stille Veerkade 19, tel. 070-3468500 Aanvang: 16:00 uur (deuren open om 15:30)
Toegang 5 euro (studenten 2,50 euro) Passe partout voor 4 concerten: 15 euro

Which is to say that I’ll be playing 2 pieces in a larger concert on October 8 at 4:00 PM at Galerie <TAG>, Stille Veerkade 19, The Hague. Tel. 070-3468500. Price is 5€ or 2.50€ for students. If you want to go to the whole series (you missed the first one (ack, I forgot the first one)), it’s 15€.
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