The future of BiLE

what will happen to us when we’re famous? Will we lose it like Amy Winehouse? Antionio predicts:
Antonio will crumble under pressure from the ladies and become a porn star.
Juju will go into politics, campaigning for animals.
Shelly will become a talk show host for the culture show.
Chris will go into boxing, venting pressures from his computers. He’ll will grow a twirly moustache like an old fashioned pugalist.
Jorge will be a famous singer in Colombia. Women, children and teenagers will throw their knickers at him. He’ll do ocassional BiLE reunions. They will be the most awesome gigs ever.
Norah’s love for pandas will lead her to write a famous blog or become like Jeanine Girafalo.
I will become a fashionisto in NYC, wearing a baret, smoking a cigarette out of a long holder and own a toy poodle.
I think I kind of object to this…..
Antonio makes no apologies and plays the cards as he seems them.
Shelly predict that 4 of us will end up living in squats until we’re 75, hoping somebody eventually pays us for a gig.

Do you believe in the rapture?

I’m looking for people who believe that the world is going to end soon, or people who pray it ends soon. If you think the rapture is around the corner or that we’re nearing the end times, I would really like to talk to you!
I would like to interview you talking about your beliefs. This can be in person, by phone or by skype. I’d like to record this interview, so I can use it as material in a musical piece that I’m writing. This piece will be played in England. Most of the people who hear it will have not previously heard the rapture described by a believer.
In order to make the music, your words will be put into a collage that makes musical sense. This does require some cutting, but I will preserve your meaning. I want to accurately convey your views, your beliefs and your hopes for the future.
This is for a 13 minute section of a longer piece of music performed by people with laptop computers. The entire thing will be an hour long. I’m calling it a “laptopera,” but it does not actually contain singing. The title of the piece will be The Death of Stockhausen. Your section does not yet have a title, but will probably include the word “Apocalypse.” The section will also include people with New Age beliefs surrounding 2012, but will make sure to differentiate their views from yours. (If you want to say anything about how the New Agers are right or wrong, I’d also like the hear that).
If you want to help, please leave a comment! Or, would you mind praying that somebody does want to help?

Backstage at a BiLE gig

We played yesterday in Wolverhampton and I thought it went rather well. While we’re playing, we have a chat window open, so we can do some communication with each other. This is what went on in chat during our last piece:

Norah> :(
Les> reme
Les>  why is norah sad?
Shelly> :(?
Norah> someone crashed?
Antonio> Antonio crashed
Norah> oh :(
Shelly>  ack
Les>  bummer
jorge> ohh sheeet
Antonio> next?
Norah> Les note!
chris> my wiimote is boken
chris> ok ill start
Antonio> cool
chris> ready?
Les>  i am now
Norah> bang
Shelly>  huh? firebell starts?
jorge> yes
chris> im clock
jorge> purrfect
Les>  go?
Shelly>  ack brb. start without me
Antonio> go go go
Shelly> bk
Shelly>  ...test... 
Norah> hi
Les> we need a better beater for that bell 
Shelly>  jorge can i have the spoon?
Les>  eye contact!!
Shelly>  chirs can u pass the small bell this way? 
Les>  sounding good, norah
Shelly>  sounding GREAT! 
Norah> thanks
Antonio> everything is crashing for me :(
Shelly>  norah, ur patch sounds really coo1
Norah> it's being very magical today!
Norah> WOW
Norah> excellent transition guys
Shelly>  i dont know what time it is by the way
Les>  10
Norah> 10:58
Norah> let's start winding down?
Les>  10:15?
Norah> 11:17
Les>  10:35
Les>  nice
Antonio> :)
Norah> that was super!
Antonio> is ther eone more?
chris> sh*t that was amazing!
jorge> super!!
Antonio> !!!
Shelly>  nope!
Antonio> super fun times
Shelly>  suppersuppersupper
Antonio> what's next?