CloudOrch – A portable SoundCard in the Cloud

There is a beautiful graphic and another beatiful graphic. All presentations should be made up of cartoons like this.
Cloud computing keeps you from having to drag your entire wolfram cluster to a gig. However, the cloud does not have a speaker at your venue. Unless you use internet audio streaming.
The graphic is slightly less beautiful
anyway, there is latency issues, compatibility issues, packet size issues… You can get fragmentation. and TCP is acked and all that.
OMG, the speed of light is TOO SLOW
Things can get jittered
Big buffers are lovely, but are more jittery. HTML5 has big buffers.
Window size in compression has delay as well. He says to send raw, uncompressed audio.
Use HTML 5 to play audio in the browser and then you get portability.
He suggests sending 256 or 357 bytes per packet
70 ms delay in sending http request sounds 160ms to alberta. Eduoroam is like 300 ms.
Granular synth is a csound synth running on 14 virtual computers. (oh my god)
Oh my god
star networks are fast, but don’t scale. Tree networks scale, but have latency per hub.
the demo is, wow, less than compelling