Protest 4/50: Up the Elephant

But first, what I did last weekend

Earth Strike at Dalston
Earth Strike tabling at Dalston Kingsland

On my weekend, instead of doing a proper protest, I did some flyering outside the Dalston Kingsland Overground station with Earth Strike North of the River. We’re a new branch of that group. It is an anti-capitalist green campaign that’s calling for a general strike to save the planet and an anti-imperialist approach to climate change.

We do a lot of leafleting. If you’ve got ideas about how to better engage people, leave a comment.

Up The Elephant

Up The Elephant
The tail end of the Up the Elephant protest

I showed up super late to a protest of about 100 people at the Southwark Town Hall offices. They are opposed to the “regeneration” plan at Elephant and Castle which will displace local traders and residents in order to build luxury housing.

There is a housing shortage in London, but not of luxury housing!

I stood next to the UCU banner (not pictured) and learned from others that the LCC, which is just across the road from the Elephant and Castle Underground Station, is a partner with the developer in the plan to gentrify the area.

There seemed to be a fair number of LCC lecturers out protesting and a fair few students as well.

Gentrification is a huge problem across London. Solidarity to everyone fighting it.

For more information about Up The Elephant, see their twatter stream.