Protests 9 & 10 and a picket line

Climate Strike

I’m not in the target demographics for the Friday climate strikes, but most of my regular Friday protest is, so when they weren’t at Cargill, I went to join them there.

Climate Strike
Protestors near Downing Street

The protestors had marched up the street a bit, but then came back. As with any youth protest, they were massively over-policed. However, it was the middle of the day and some of them had parents present, so the police were keeping their urges mostly in check.

Disproportionate police response

Fashion Week

XR showed up to Fashion week to demand greater sustainability.

Partially blocking the road
XR in the street

Earth Strike also set up a table there. It was a good thing for us to go to.

Earth Strike at Fashion Week
Earth Strike at Fashion Week

UCU Strike

In other news, as nothing was resolved after the last set of strike days, my union is once again striking. I’m mostly working at Kent this term, but it’s a long way to travel on days I’m not scheduled to be in, so I showed up at Goldsmiths on the first day of the strike.

UCU Picket at Depford Town Hall
Pickets at Depford Town Hall

It’s reading week, so nobody there was scheduled to teach at all. I think it’s a good turnout under the circumstances.

A picket line at Goldsmiths

Student support was in evidence and some of the props were very good.

In Loving Memory of Art Education 2020
“In loving memory of Art Education 20202”
This is an actual mosaic made by one of the picketers.

The strike carries on for several more days. I didn’t go out today, but will be out next week and will (probably) go to Canterbury for my effected teaching days.

Obviously, this is bad for students and I hope that the strike ends early with an agreement. It is an unusual opportunity to talk about our dreams for higher education, our research and to foster a collegiate atmosphere. I wish there was a way we could foster the spirit of the strike when not on strike and share it with all the students. We all should have more of a say in how universities are run and what they’re like.