Mobile Flickr Uploader PRD

I know, this is so exciting for all my readers, be they composers or folks wanting to know if my face has healed from it’s meeting with the ground (no, it has not, thanks for asking), but instead, it’s a list of requirements for a flickr uploader for my new tablet! Yay! Why am I writing such a list? Because no suitable uploader exists and so I’m going to have to find one close, modify it (maybe) and then compile it to work on my tablet, which is theoretically possible on my intel macmini, maybe.

  • Automatic re-sizing
  • Batch tags
  • individual tags
  • descriptions
  • runs in background such that it saves all information until it gets a good internet connection and then it starts uploading away
  • keeps log of progress

Ah, all those months of working in marketting really paid off in that I’m a Product Requirements Document pro now! . . .